Ever Wanted a Stingray to Lay in Your Lap?


Discover the exceptional at Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, where you'll immerse yourself in the heart of the action with a range of stingray species native to Florida's waters. Forge a close connection with these adept natural aerialists for an unmatched up-close experience.


Engage with our resident Cownose Rays within our captivating Mermaid Tank!


At Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, our Stingray Encounter offers a safe and educational opportunity to enter a shallow area of water located in our Mermaid Tank, which is home to a variety of stingray species. Our professional aquarists will provide informative guidance. During this experience, you will learn about these fascinating creatures while the gentle rays swim nearby, within easy reach for you and your family. It's important to note that for visitor safety, all rays have trimmed barbs.


What to Expect Before During, & After Your Stingray Encounter:


Please arrive 15 minutes before your encounter to ensure that you get the fullest experience. This is a scheduled opportunity and late arrivals will not receive extended opportunities.  All participants will be required to fill out necessary waivers.

10 Minutes: Sign waivers and releases, meet and greet with one of our aquarists for a short, educational session on our stingrays and quick Q&A. 

15 Minutes: Rinse off, change into swimsuit, and receive instructions from your aquarist.

20 Minutes: Head-up to our Mermaid Tank where you will enter the water one person at a time and patiently wait for one of our stingrays to swim up into your lap.  During this time, you are welcome to have a friend or family member capture this encounter with the use of your own camera. We do not allow the use of cameras or recording devices in the water during this encounter.

10 Minutes: Debriefing with your aquarist. Exit Mermaid Tank, remove swimsuits, shower off, dry off and redress into dry clothes.


Your Stingray Encounter Includes:


Exclusive behind the scenes access and journey into our Mermaid Tank.

Seated and or wading tank time on the shallow platform in our Mermaid Tank with guidance from our aquarist staff.

An educational session with our aquarist staff about the resident stingrays that you will be interacting with. 

A once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with and get splashed by multiple stingrays!

Showering facilities are available to rinse off before and after your encounter.


Before making a booking your experience, kindly review all available options and their respective requirements:




Participants must be 7 years or older and comfortable in and around water (A parent or legal guardian must be present on our dry deck if participant is between the ages of 7-12 years old who is participating in the Snorkel Encounter.).  A paid adult observer is required for all child participants under the age of 13. 

Participants should provide their own swimsuit, towel and dry clothes.

The Snorkel Encounter program has some specific physical requirements:


For the safety of all participants, those engaging in any of our Encounters should have the physical capability to swim unassisted, navigate stairs, ladders, and slopes at the entry and exit points. Swimmers needing assistance with dressing must arrange for their own support.

Our swim vests are suitable for guests with a waist measurement of 59.5 inches (151cm) or less, and a weight of up to 400lbs (181kg). Please note that guests are not permitted to bring personal gear that surpasses these size limits.


To ensure a smooth experience during your encounter, we kindly request that all participants arrive prepared for swimming. Please wear appropriate swimwear and make sure you have showered prior to remove any lotions, excess body oils, suntan, or similar products. This helps maintain a clean and enjoyable and safe environment for everyone as well as our marine environments.


You must be present and checked in Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter 15 minutes prior to your encounter start time. Waivers will be required to be filled out prior to your encounter.




Your Snorkel Encounter will last approximately 30-40 minutes.

Up to 3 Participants Per Encounter Maximum



$65.00 per participant

Includes Aquarium Admission for Participant. A paid adult observer is required for all child participants under the age of 13. 

**Prices Do Not Include Sales Tax or Booking Fees